Baykal Arts is a studio that loves to play games and make games. We do it for the players. There are different people in our team, but we are passionate about our project and are ready to go through all the difficulties together for the sake of a future.
Two heroes - two different genres: souls-like and hack'n'slash. Alternating, they give a whole storm of emotions, allowing you to take a break from the fervent cutting in meditative evasions, and from evasions in the fervent logging. Test yourself as a defender of the world swallowed by the Abyss!
Eustole is a visual novel. In the face of a deadly virus catastrophe, heroes need to not only find a way to escape, but also try not to lose themselves, to remain a real person in the midst of chaos. Can loneliness break a person? How much does the betrayal of a friend cost, and what is more important for us: freedom or security?
Our first project that united and rallied us.
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